The costs of unused days' holiday are insured as well as the cancellation costs. That means that if you miss part of your holiday because you have to return home, you are compensated for each day of your holiday that you were unable to take.

With all-risk cancellation insurance the reasons for cancelling your booked holiday are up to you! You are not restricted to invoking the reasons for cancellation laid down in the insurance conditions, but can decide for yourself why you do not want to take your holiday. Possible reasons include your best friend being taken seriously ill, or if you get a new job or assignment and have to start straight away. For these additional cancellation reasons you receive 75% of your

Short-term all-risk cancellation insurance

Looking forward to a great holiday without a care in the world is only truly possible if you have all-risk cancellation insurance. After all, you may have to cancel your holiday or return home half-way through it. Since it provides cover both before you leave and during your holiday, all-risk cancellation insurance protects you against the costs of cancellation and unused days' holiday. What could be more reassuring?

cancellation costs. See the conditions for exceptions.


Joint cover for stand-in

It makes perfect sense for you to be able to cancel without worries if something goes wrong at home, in your family. But what if something happens to the person looking after your house and pets? Or the person covering your tasks or looking after your business while you are on holiday?

If you want to, you can jointly insure your stand-in so that you can cancel or cut short your holiday if something happens to him or her. You will be entitled to compensation for the cancellation costs or the unused days' holiday.

The short-term all-risk cancellation insurance is subject to the conditions of De Europeesche Verzekeringen. You can download the conditions here to read them at your own convenience.

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