Register your house

How to register your vacation home

Who are we?
Basic Travel is a travel organization whose headquarters are located in the Netherlands. Our loyal customers know that the houses we rent are the basis for a successful vacation. Our company was founded in 1990. From the beginning we published a brochure. In 1998 we started setting up our website and it has been a huge success. The site works in 5 languages, allowing us to reach an international clientele. If you decide to cooperate with us you will join an ambitious company with a customer-friendly way of working, a growing potential of customers (precisely because of the international reach of the site) and a punctual method of payment.

Why are we looking for new housing?
We are constantly looking for new properties. We do this primarily to have as nice and large a selection as possible. There is always turnover in our database due to sales of homes and due to moves, divorces, aging, illness and death of owners. We try to compensate for this turnover as much as possible with new offers. Moreover, one house can hardly ever be compared to another, which means that competition between the houses is almost never an issue.

Our strongest points are
An excellent working website in 5 languages (Dutch, German, English, French and Italian) with plenty of space for photos both of the interior and exterior. Moreover, our website is constantly evolving in order to always offer our customers the best. We make the necessary investments both in the technical area, in the descriptions, presentation and layout of the website, as well as in the customer acquisition area. Many search criteria on the website which facilitates the search for a suitable property for the customer. You can also search by budget, number of bedrooms, number of persons or combinations of all these criteria. Partnerships with fellow providers at home and abroad. Excellent customer-friendly service both on the phone and when answering emails. Our employees speak several languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch). A very well functioning administration for processing reservations and for receiving and making payments. You will receive a personal login code for our site that will allow you to keep track of your vacation rental schedule.

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