Basic Travel cooperates closely with travel insurance specialist a.s.r., formerly under the name Europeesche Verzekeringen. You can take out your insurances through us (without additional costs) directly at the time of booking. That is very convenient.

From 17 April 2023 Europeesche Verzekeringen will continue under the name Ik kies zelf from a.s.r. The conditions and premium of your insurance will not change as a result of the name change. However, there will soon be an a.s.r. logo on your policy with the suffix 'I choose it myself'.

Short-term Travel and Cancellation Insurance

You have booked a vacation home and are looking forward to a wonderful, carefree vacation. A carefree vacation requires a good travel and cancellation insurance. Basic Travel offers you security, both before and during your trip with a Short-term Travel Insurance and a Short-term All-Risk Cancellation Insurance.

Short-term Travel Insurance

Wherever you are going and whatever you are going to undertake, you will be well prepared with Short-term Travel Insurance. You can customize your short-term travel insurance. You can choose from the three options: Basic, Comfort and Optimum. In addition, you can expand your insurance with various coverages so that it is completely tailored to your trip.

The Short-term Travel Insurance is subject to the terms and conditions of De Europeesche Verzekeringen. To read the conditions at your leisure you can download them here.

To read these files, you must have Acrobat Reader installed. You can download this at:

Short-term cancellation insurance

Carefree enjoyment of the prospect of a beautiful vacation, that is only possible with All-Risk Cancellation Insurance. Because it can happen that your trip cannot go ahead, or that you have to return home halfway through. With the All-Risk Cancellation Insurance you are protected against the costs of cancellation and unused travel days, because the All-Risk Cancellation Insurance applies both before departure and during your vacation. A reassuring idea. Question: My travel destination has been hit by the Corona virus. Therefore, I no longer want and/or can go on vacation to this area. Can I now rely on my cancellation coverage? The standard cancellation coverage does not provide coverage for this.

In addition to the cost of cancellation, the cost of unused travel days is also insured. So you miss part of your trip, for example, because you have to go home early? Then you will receive compensation for each day you were unable to enjoy your trip.

With the All-risk Cancellation Insurance you can decide for what reason you cancel your booked trip! Not only can you appeal to the cancellation reasons listed in the terms and conditions of the insurance, but you may decide for what reason you do not want to go on vacation. For example, because your best friend becomes seriously ill, or if you do get that new job or assignment and need to start soon. You will then be reimbursed 75% of your cancellation fee for these additional reasons for cancellation. Consult the terms and conditions for the exceptions. The All-Risk Cancellation Insurance does not provide coverage if the trip is cut short because of the Corona virus. because the situation is currently such that the damage is not unforeseen.

That you can confidently cancel when unpleasant developments occur at home, within your family, makes perfect sense. But what if something happens to the person who looks after your home and pets? Or to the person who observes your duties at work or your business during your vacation?

For this you can co-insure a (business) observer. If something unexpected happens to your caretaker, you can cancel your trip or cut it short. You are then entitled to reimbursement of the cancellation costs or unused travel days.

Standard or All-risk

The Short-term Standard cancellation insurance pays 100% if you cancel for a reason covered by the cancellation insurance.

The Short-term All-Risk cancellation insurance pays 100% if you cancel for a reason covered by the cancellation insurance. But this insurance pays 75% if you cancel for a reason NOT covered by the conditions

The Short-term All-Risk Cancellation Insurance is subject to the terms and conditions of I choose myself a.s.r. Insurances. To read the conditions at your leisure you can download them here.