How to book with Basic Travel

  1. You select one or more vacation homes from our online offer.
  2. You check the availability of the selected vacation rental via 'Arrival and Departure'.
  3. If your desired period is available, press "reserve.
  4. You fill out the reservation form and press "Go to Step 2.
  5. You check the data you entered and correct it where necessary.
  6. You permanently reserve the property by clicking on 'final reservation'.
  7. We book your desired vacation rental, if available, with the respective owner. Your reservation is therefore binding.
  8. You will receive the rental agreement and relevant documents by email. Please make sure that you receive the correct documents. If in doubt, please contact Basic Travel.
  9. The down payment must be paid within five days after booking. This down payment consists of 35% of the total rental amount, the possible premium of the cancellation insurance, the booking charges of € 28, the contribution of the SGR (as of February 1, 2021) and possible additional expenses* to be paid via Basic Travel such as final cleaning and tourist tax.
  10. Eight weeks before the start of the rental period, the remaining portion of the invoice amount must be received by us.
  11. If the deposit* is not arranged on site but via Basic Travel, you will transfer the deposit amount to us no later than 4 weeks before the start of the rental period.
  12. Directions and notices of housekeeping will be emailed to you eight weeks before departure.
  13. Charges to be paid locally are payable in cash on arrival*.

* It is stated with the relevant home which expenses must be paid via Basic Travel and which must be paid on site.